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Personal injury is something that can happen to anyone and there are many types of accidents that can be behind someone sustaining injuries.  These include construction accidents, medical negligence, car accidents, truck accidents, defective products, slip and fall accidents, and workplace accidents. If you are injured in an accident around Georgia, you may be entitled to compensation. 


You can file a personal injury claim against the responsible party or insurance company on your own. Some people opt for this route when they have suffered only minor injuries and are familiar with the legal claim process. Also, many individuals tend to think that skipping an attorney will save them some money in legal fees. 


However, hiring a good Georgia personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure that you obtain the highest remuneration possible for your injuries. If you have sustained severe injuries or have suffered significant losses due to the injuries, it is imperative that you engage the services of a reputable personal injury attorney. Additionally, proving permanent disabling injuries can be tricky. In such cases, engaging an accident attorney is extremely beneficial. 


Also, you should engage the services of an attorney if the insurance company does not make a fair settlement offer or refuses to make any offer at all. A personal injury attorney can use his or her expertise and experience to help you go up against big insurance companies and their lawyers. 


Because the laws associated with personal injury claims and lawsuits can be complicated for you if you do not have the basic legal knowledge, hiring an attorney can increase the chances of winning in your case. Georgia personal injury attorneys are experts in the field and so, they know how to go about the entire process. You can find more details at 


It is also important to hire an experienced Georgia personal injury lawyer in the event of disputed liability. When the responsible party denies fault or the insurance provider disputes its policyholder's liability for the accident, the victim risks losing compensation for damages unless they have enough proof of fault. An accident attorney can help you gather all the necessary evidence to develop a strong case and prove that the other party was indeed responsible. 


These lawyers are knowledgeable of the personal injury laws in the state and thus, they are capable of handling all the legwork effectively. Your lawyer will act as your advocate and legal advisor throughout the case. The legal specialist will help you know your rights and ensure that the legal claim process is led in the right way. 


When filing a personal injury claim in Georgia, time is of the essence. There are state statutes that require you to make a claim within a specified period of time. Your attorney can help you file the claim before the deadline expires. Contact the Law Office OF John B. Jackson for assistance and more information.